The objective of the project is to design, produce and optimise innovative aquaculture structures (rafts for mollusc farming, flotation rings & devises for sea-based fish farms, tanks for land based fish farms) using a new plastic composite reinforced with organic filler (crop waste) specially developed in the project for applications in permanent contact with water.

  • Renewable raw materials: crop waste and reduction of non-renewable resources consumption (replacing virgin materials by the new recycled reinforced composite).
  • New and more resistant structures and devices for aquiculture applications.
  • Environmental friendly use for crop waste through new markets for recycled plastics.
  • Low structures' costs due to the use of recycled material in the manufacturing process and the increased lifespan of the new structures & devices, thanks to the use of a reinforced material.
  • Increased added value of the product, related to obtain new structures and devices with enhanced properties compared to the present ones due to the characteristics of the new composite.